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I do NOT do live vore, so don't ask Me.

Isabelle Shy
Hard and soft vore as Isabelle makes messy tinies pay
Scene from:
Isabelle Shy
Isabelle chows down on a bowl of popcorn unaware of the shrunken woman inside (99% POV)
Scene from:
Popcorn Vore
Isabelle Shy dangling you over Her gaping mouth
Tiny man gets his wish- to be eaten in My cereal (99% POV)
Scene from:
Breakfast of Champions
Isabelle Shy dangling you over Her gaping mouth
Little john is tormented in many ways…with a yummy end
Scene from:
Little john 2: released from the cage
Isabelle Shy eating a living gingerbread man
Tiny men are turned into gingerbread men
Scene from:
Ginger Bread Men
Evil Manda eats Isabelle Shy
Young Isabelle Shy & Evil Manda bite & play with action figures
Scene from:
Little Giantesses
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Sneaky pets turned into sour patch kids and savored very slowly
Scene from:
Sweet and Sour
Goth Isabelle Shy swallowing a bad little man rags
Isabelle devours a bad pet for breaking his promise
Scene from:
Where's My Tattoo?
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3 feisty pets vie for Isabelle's attention- and She makes one climb into Her mouth for some hard vore
Scene from:
3 Pervy Pets
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Isabelle is devoured by the clone She has been mistreating
Scene from:
Me & Myself
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Sexy parody of Honey I Blew Up The Kid
Scene from:
Honey I Blew Up Isabelle Shy
Evil Manda eating gummybear that was Isabelle Shy
Evil Manda eats Isabelle Shy!
Scene from:
The Student Becomes the Teacher
Giantess Isabelle Shy Vore
Isabelle invites a yummy pet to Her BBQ
Scene from:
Kiss the Cook
Inside Isabelle Shy
Man shrunk, interrogated and eaten
Scene from:
Chez Cheese
Evil Manda flying through Isabelle Shy
Evil Manda travels inside Isabelle's digestive tract
Scene from:
Fantastic Vorage
Shrunken woman Ji flying through Isabelle Shy
Isabelle swallows another tiny ship to find out if Evil Manda survived Fantastic Vorage
Scene from:
Fantastic Vorage II: Journey to the Center of Izabell
Giantess Evil Manda Vore
Living gingerbread man broken, berated and devoured
Scene from:
Giantess Isabelle Shy Vore
Roommate shrunk and eaten as punishment
Scene from:
Preya Sandwich
Giantess Isabelle Shy Vore
Living gummy bear men chewed up and spit out
Scene from:
Jar O Gummies
Evil Manda
Abused and eaten as gummies
Scene from:
I Hate You
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Parody of Honey I Shrunk the Kids cereal scene
Scene from:
Honey I Shrunk Evil Manda
Isabelle Shy opens Her mouth while eating peeps
Little men get the beginning of a peep show- then transformed and eaten
Scene from:
Peep Show
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Tiny living nerds eaten and smashed
Scene from:
Nerd Alert
GTS Isabelle Shy eating shrunken woman Ji
Lots of tiny mouse women devoured
Scene from:
Fetish model Isabelle Shy
Handfuls of living gummies tortured and eaten by 2 hot girls
Scene from:
Gummybear Massacre
Evil Manda hard vore with marshmallow peeps
Living marshmallow peeps punished and eaten by Evil Manda
Scene from:
Peeping Toms
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Pet of fondent licked, torn apart and devoured
Scene from:
The Sweet Taste of Revenge
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Preya and Isabelle duke it out
Scene from:
Beautiful Bully
Giantess Isabelle Shy eating shrunken woman Preya
Preya and Evil Manda do a growth experiment on Isabelle
Scene from:
POV of Isabelle Shy eating you in Her Cheerios
POV of being eaten in Isabelle's cereal
Scene from:
Hi Ho Cheerio
Isabelle Shy shrunken man gummy vore
Living gummies become Isabelle's midnight snack
Scene from:
When Gummy Bears Dream
Preya eating clementines
Tiny men turned into clementines and eaten
Scene from:
Preya's Cuties
Isabelle Shy vore the gummybear traitor
Changed, shrunk and toyed with with Isabelle's mouth before the vore begins
Scene from:
The Traitor
Giantess Isabelle Shy Vore
Tiny micro cops punished- one eaten
Scene from:
Cop Crush
Giantess Isabelle Shy Vore
Tiny men transformed into antipasto and eaten slowly
Scene from:
Olive You
Giantess Isabelle Shy Vore
Cookie dough men savored by Isabelle
Scene from:
C is for Cookie Dough
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