Pet spies on unaware Isabelle as She gets dressed - and pays the price with hands, feet, nylons and more!
Pantyhose Peeping Pet
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Price: $19.99
Length: 21 minutes
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While Isabelle is in the shower, a tiny man sneaks into the living room, hiding behind Her stilettos. Isabelle emerges, drops the towel and begins to get dressed for work- completely unaware of the tiny peeping pet on the ground beside Her. She opens a brand new pair of nylons and slowly slides the pantyhose on, enjoying the feel of the silkiness against Her skin. Then She slips on Her bra, skirt and sweater, leaving the room only to grab Her perfume. The sneaking peeping pet climbs into Her shoes, and when Isabelle places them on the couch, he creeps out, still unseen. It is only when Isabelle sits on the couch to put Her shoes on that She discovers the naughty pet- by sitting on him!

She grabs him, scolds him, teases him. She wonders aloud how to get rid of this pet- heaven forbid word got out that he had seen Her naked!!!!

Lots of POV as She licks him, bites at him, smothers him in Her hands, teases him with Her nylon-clad feet. Finally She decides to drop him into the front of Her pantyhose, smothered between the lacy nylon and Her warm soft skin….

If you don't want to see all the awesome POV action, just the reverse strip tease as Isabelle Shy goes from nude to dressed, you have the option of purchasing the "Pantyhose Peeping Pet -Reverse Strip Tease Only" half (approximately 9 minutes) of this clip for $7.99 here.
Tags: Feet, POV, Isabelle Shy, pantyhose, nylons, nude, reverse strip tease, stilettos, unaware, ass, bra,
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