Man finds himself tiny in a world of giant dolls!
Dolly's Pet Human
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Length: 7 minutes
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Format: M4V
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There are many realities. The one you live in every day is only one of an infinite number. A man was going through his every day life, when suddenly he was in another reality. A reality where he was very small and dolls lived and breathed - and were giants!

The dolly toys with the man, reminding him of all the terrible things that he had done to his sister's dollies when he was young. Perhaps his being there in Her reality was karma kicking in, and so She begins to torment him in all the ways he tormented innocent dolls. She sets him of fire, throws electricity out of Her fingers, then shrinks him even smaller...and smaller......
Tags: Isabelle Shy, doll, hands, torture, sfx, crush, doll fetish, dreadlocks, dolly, shrunken man, stuffed animals, SM, doll fetish,
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